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This week’s post was taken from one of the periodicals I enjoy reading, the Nutrition Action Health Letter, June/July 2015.  The cover story, titled, “Walk this Way, Please: 7 Reasons to Lace Up Your Sneakers.”

1. Build a Bigger, Sharper Brain.
Walking effects the brains of adults, especially adults in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  Studies consistently show older adults who walk more, 2 mile a day, have a significantly lower rate of developing Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia.

2. Live Longer.
Adults who are more physically active in their later years live longer.  However, not just going for a daily walk, doing household chores, gardening, etc…All help increases our overall health and longevity.

3. Ease your Aching Joints.
Mobility is really key as we age, when you lose your mobility, you lose your independence and things can go downhill pretty quickly.  Studies have shown, most people can decrease joint pains, caused from osteoarthritis, by 30 percent.

4. Improve your Mood.
Walking for exercise can help people who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate depression as much as drugs or psychotherapy sessions.  Since 2010, the American Psychiatric Association guidelines have recognized that exercise can be a valuable treatment option for mild depression.  However, “Exercise as a treatment is largely ignored by Psychiatrists and primary care physicians in the United States.”

5. Lower Your Risk of Cancer.
There is consistent evidence that physical activity can reduce the risk of Breast, Colo-rectal and Endometrial Cancers.  Even if someone hasn’t been physically active before in their lives, they can still reduce their risk of those cancers by starting a walking program.

6. Strengthen Your Heart
Regular physical activity, like walking, reduces your risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, A-Fib and COPD.

7. Dodge Diabetes
Exercise is very effective at improving Insulin sensitivity in the muscles and regulating your blood sugar levels.

There you have it.  Walking…Its not like we didn’t already know its good for us!


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