• I felt comfortable and a genuine concern by Dr. Myren–Steve

  • My discomfort inhibited all normal activities as well as work... I was very impressed with the pain relief. This office was very friendly and anxious to help in any way–Margaret

  • Incredible! Friendly, courteous, and very helpful! I felt completely at ease with Dr. Myren and his entire staff. I have less pain than before and now I believe it will only get better–Rick

  • It makes it very hard to live my life in constant pain. Chiropractic makes pain managable...the adjustments, massage, all together have done my recovery a success –Lilianana

  • I don't think I could have stood the pain, would not have been able to work. I have had the best care, the staff is great! –Anna

  • My back has had many problems due to carrying around my two children. My neck gets stiff, I get headaches, sharp pains in lower back. I have trouble sleeping and feel lousy. Without chiropractic I would feel miserable. Dr. Myren's technique works wonders for my back without any rough movements. He is very smooth, yet effective –Shelly

  • Everyone has been very caring and genuine. I love them all so much for all that they do. I have more and more good days –Betty

  • I was so miserable, I was very depressed due to all the pain and lack of activity. Dr. Myren took aggressive action to get me the help I needed and the staff is very courteous and caring –Lorene

  • Very caring and professional staff. Dr. Myren is a very professional, skilled and compassionate healer. Chiropractic drastically lessened severe pain and made life more livable –Cindy

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