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Well, I’ve started a new book! (Actually I read a very good novel last week by a local author. B.K. Nault. The book is titled Kelidescope. WARNING, once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down!)

The new book I will be posting about is titled, “Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genograpic Project” Written by, Spencer Wells. Published by, National Geographic 2007.
As described on the back cover,
….an accessible introduction into genetic anthropology, the study of human history using genetic evidence.
….deciphering the text we each carry in our genes, we can now trace in extraordinary detail when and how our ancestors moved to inhabit all corners of the globe.

Chapter 1 sets the stage by exposing our diversity as humans. There are 192 nations of the world and many more languages. Now start combining those nationalities and you get a very complex mix. For many centuries, most people stayed in a relatively small part of the world, often not even leaving the small town or village they resided in, marrying and having a family in that same small town. Then the largest mass migration in human history tool place between 1840 and 1920 when nearly 40 million people (more than double the U.S. population in 1840) moved from Europe to the United States. Today nearly half of all Americans have ancestors that passed through the main immigration facility on Ellis Island in New York Harbor. Most Americans are deeply curious about their roots dating back to before their ancestors arrived in America. Genealogy, the list of our ancestors and descendants, is the second most popular hobby after gardening, and the second most visited category of web sites.

Next we will look at our DNA which carries the story of our ancestors. Until next week, Stay Active, Physically and Mentally!!


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