Compare & Save on Spinal Decompression

Many clinics charge as much as $260 per treatment session. Our service which includes the latest, most advanced, computerized spinal decompression and high frequency cold laser followed by H-wave interferential muscle stim is only $75 per session. (That’s over 75% less!)

Considering this treatment approach can take over a dozen sessions, that’s a huge savings.

Come in for a free consultation to find out if spinal decompression is right for you. (Remember to bring in any X-rays/ MRI’s and & reports to your consultation.)

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Here at Temecula Valley Chiropractic we have recently added this wonderful treatment option. We chose the newest of the next generation in decompression systems, the Dynatron DX2. This newer system is user friendly for the patient and the doctor. With the ability of the decompression table to lower, elevate, move side to side, and its ability to be positioned to provide maximum patient comfort and effectiveness. The DX2 computer programming offers extensive treatment parameters. It monitors not only the decompression forces administered but also the precise angles of the forces. Wow! But there’s more.

The new Dynatron DX2 also has the new cold laser light therapy which is incorporated into the treatment protocol. Mechanical Decompression is a physical modality that has been used to treat various spinal dysfunctions. There is no question that decompression has been hailed in terms of its potential clinical effectiveness. Proper equipment and techniques are critical factors to the effective use of mechanical decompression. First, the device used for decompression must provide the doctor with precise control over forces applied. Second, the angle of application of distractive forces, timing, and patient position must be specific for the patient’s condition. Lastly, the use of supportive treatment modalities, such as cold laser light and interferential current therapies, is an important factor in the success of the treatment.

Mechanical Effects of Spinal Decompression

It is certainly true that not every patient with back problems is a candidate for decompression therapy. First, a comprehensive examination and spinal evaluation of the patient is completed. It is important that the doctor fully understands the patient’s condition and spinal dysfunction. Secondly, the patient’s spinal dysfunction must be one that would be helped by decompression therapy. Indications for the use of spinal decompression are:

  • To achieve vertebral separation which can decrease disc pressure and reduce disc bulging, and may enhance disc fluid flow.
  • The separation and gliding of the facet joints for improved alignment, articulation, and joint mobility.
  • Tensing of the spinal ligaments.
  • Widening of vertebral openings for the exiting of spinal nerves.
  • Stretching of the spinal musculature thereby decreasing muscle spasming and improving blood flow to the spinal tissues.

When one of more of these effects has the potential to help the patient, decompression therapy might be your best treatment choice.

Contraindications Related to Spinal Decompression

(reasons for not accepting you as a decompression patient)

  • Tumor or infection
  • Abdominal aneurysms
  • Meningitis
  • Spinal cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Recent fractures
  • Advanced Osteoporosis
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Pregnancy
  • Joint hypermobility
  • Acute (recent) joint or tissue trauma (injuries)

Laser Light Therapy

In addition to the new generation of spinal decompression therapy, our office has added the Solaris Infrared Therapy Probe and the XP Light Pad.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the new Dynatron DX2 delivers pre-decompression therapy with the Dynatron XP “cold laser” infrared light pad. By pre-treating with light prior to decompression, the patient benefits from the relaxation of muscle spasms, increased circulation, and relief of muscle pain and joint aches. The Solaris Light Therapy Probe is specifically designed for treating smaller areas.

“How does the Cold Laser Light Therapy work?”
I will try to keep it simple. The basic unit of light is the PHOTON. Each photon carries energy. When the concentrated light, laser, is applied to biological tissue it actually supplies energy to the tissue. That energy is absorbed by structures called chromophores, which live in each cell and the cell membranes. Like other sources of energy used by the cell, the absorbed energy is used to power the cell in its many functions. Especially important is the cell’s function of tissue repair and pain relief. Here at Temecula Valley Chiropractic, we have patients with chronic elbow pain, carpal tunnel pains, shoulder pains and TMJ problems, to name a few. This new treatment option gives us a valuable tool to treat these conditions in addition to pre-treating those patients for decompression therapy. Personally speaking, in some cases, it has worked much better to relieve pain and heal tissue than I thought possible. Some patients had tried everything, short of surgery, with no relief. Finally, the cold laser light therapy actually helped to heal their condition. (That’s why I got a second laser after only two weeks!)